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Tembusu Growth Fund II

Launched in December 2010, Tembusu Growth Fund II takes on a similar strategy and approach to that of Tembusu Growth Fund I.

Tembusu Growth Fund II is a Pan-Asian private equity growth capital fund with a target fund size of S$300 million that focuses on producing investment performance through a combination of consistent investment philosophy and disciplined investment process.

Investing into growth companies belonging to core industry sectors and markets we are familiar with will lend credibility to our generating the best returns for our investors. These sectors include education, clean technology, oil & gas, resources and healthcare in the markets of Emerging Asia, comprising of China, India, and Southeast Asia with Singapore as the hub.

Offering the same tax-free benefits two levels down, Tembusu Growth Fund II has a parallel fund- Tembusu Growth GIP Fund which is qualified under the Global Investors Programme by the Economic Development Board of Singapore (EDB), where foreign investors with a minimum of S$2.5 million investment into the fund may apply for Permanent Resident Status in Singapore.

After undergoing a recent independent fund rating exercise with Mercer (Singapore), Tembusu Growth GIP Fund was awarded a “preferred provider” rating by Contact Singapore.

A brief term sheet for TGF II can be downloaded below.

For further enquiries, please feel free to email Ms Emily Goh (Director) at to set up an appointment for a tele-conversation.

Download Tembusu Growth Fund II – Executive Summary