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Tembusu Growth Fund I

Launched on 5 January 2007, the Tembusu Growth Fund had been conceptualized to generate superior returns for investors by leveraging on Singapore’s unique strengths and capabilities. Over a 7 year period, the Fund, with a fund size of S$100 million, aims to generate superior post-transaction value in excess of 25% per annum through a conservative investment philosophy that strives for consistency with a disciplined investment process to generate the returns.

The Fund focuses on investing into selected Singapore or Singapore-related companies with the best opportunities to benefit from the Manager’s wealth of operating experience and relationships in industry sectors including oil and gas, metals processing and reprocessing, education and technology.

Managed by Tembusu Partners, the Fund is advised by a Board that is constituted by a small and effective group of industry leaders with considerable experience and good standing in their respective areas of expertise. The Board will value add by providing strategic insights and guidance to the Managers and the Portfolio Companies. In addition the Board will ensure that appropriate governance structures and processes exist to support effective and transparent stewardship of resources.

The Fund had been awarded Pioneer Status with zero-rated tax incentive for both the fund and the fund management company. The fund had also qualified under the Global Investor Programme by EDB, where foreign investors with S$1.5 million investment into the fund may apply for Permanent Resident Status in Singapore.

Rodyk & Davidson has been appointed to act as the Company Secretary & Solicitors of the Fund and KPMG Singapore will serve as auditors and tax agent.